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Circle of Trainers International, established in 2017, offers a holistic 360° approach to fitness and wellness. We pride ourselves on specialized equipment, certified trainers, and personalized programs that prioritize every client’s unique journey. Elevate with us.

Tailored Training Programs

Customized fitness routines for your unique wellness goals.

Diverse Equipment Range

Beyond commercial gyms: turf, specialty bars, functional tools.

Expert Trainer Selection

Highly educated trainers specializing in varied fitness disciplines.

Our Premier Services Await

Explore our suite of elite services: from personalized one-on-one training and dynamic group sessions to specialized coaching in bodybuilding and Olympic weightlifting. Circle of Trainers — where your fitness vision becomes a reality.

Personal training

Fuel your goals: Nutritionists craft your optimal diet...


The path to achieving optimal health is incomplete without...

Callisthenic Training

In the dynamic world of fitness, calisthenics has...

Personal Training

A journey of fitness is deeply personal, each step...

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Embark on a proven pathway to your peak potential. Our Step Success System is meticulously designed to ensure you move closer to your goals with every training session, blending expertise with personalized care.

Free Consultation Journey

Embark on a proven pathway to your peak potential.

Benchmarking Your Progress

Know where you stand to determine where to go.

Real-Time Feedback Loop

Continuous evaluations keep you on track.

Data-Driven Decisions

Harness the power of precise analytics.

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